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A continuing education 
community for 
Healthcare Professionals

Nursing felt like more of a calling than a job to me when I started. I loved being a nurse, and I also thought that I needed to be really tough, not ask for what I needed, and always take care of everyone else first to be a great nurse. That seemed to work well until it absolutely didn’t, and I felt I had no way forward in a profession that I used to feel deeply called to. It took a lot of work and learning, but I found a path forward in nursing that has me taking care of myself first, not last, and living a heart-on-fire life in the wilds of the hospital.

~ Sarah Bergakker CRNA and MOOXLI Founder  

Welcome to the MOOXLI Community!

We will help you give you tools to start recovering from the emotional and physical exhaustion that has become your new normal, and help you map a new path forward. You don't have to stay stuck.

Join the MOOXLI Membership and

Earn 20 CEs annually

Being a Nurse Is a Special Kind of Hard

You Deserve a Special Kind of Community

Earn CEs and take our virtual tools with you to the call room, the break room, we’ll even duck into the clean utility room with you when you just need to take a minute.

On-demand movement classes, meditations, quick short talks on how to handle all you have to handle at work. Stream from phone, TV, or tablet.

Monthly Micro Retreat to Gather Virtually with other Nurses

You don’t need anything additional to start.


Mindfulness in action: The path to self acceptance 2024!

Join us for the MOOXLI Spring retreat and start to finally make everything you know to do, how you actually live!
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From mats to hand bands and everything in between.

Apps, Internet and Hotline Resources

When you reach out, these resources reach back

"Mooxli created a safe space, in the most beautiful setting, for us to come together so we could come apart and begin to heal.”


hanna - CRNA

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