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Releasing the Burden at the End of Your Shift

Time to start leaving work at work, sleeping better, and supporting your emotional health.

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When we step into vulnerability, we step into our power.
When we step into our power, we save our careers and our lives.
Welcome to MOOXLI Darling, let's save our lives together. 

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What others are saying

Mooxli is an incredible environment that promotes healing and long term wellness for the healers within the healthcare system.


"It's more than just a conference to attend.  It's a movement.  It's a community.  It fills a void many don't even acknowledge exists.  Healthcare providers now have a safe space to go to heal, share our stories, learn, grow, and move! What Sarah Bergakker and her MOOXLI team have created is pure magic.  Sarah took her own experience, strength, and hope and not only shined a light on burnout in the healthcare profession, but she took it a step further and created MOOXLI." 


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