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You are Doing Great Darling


“You are doing great darling.” Something I have said to myself a lot this week. . .because, honestly, I don't feel like I am. As I practiced self compassion to process through these feelings, I was reflecting on how so much of self-compassion is giving myself the freedom to pause and practice mindfulness and kindness long enough to see the magnificent power of the story I am already living.

There is so much pressure to: read this book, do this thing, be more this, and much less that. . . The reality is that the power of the life we are actually already living is quite magnificent.

You are here. You showed up to life today. You are a living-breathing-fantastic-human.

You are absolute magic and you are absolutely enough.

If you want to lean into this a little bit more, think or journal about what your friend would say to you if they were asked to describe why they are thankful to have you in their life. Try to see the beauty in yourself that others see in you every day.


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