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Being a Nurse Is a Special Kind of Hard
You Deserve a Special Kind of Yoga

Time to reconnect with yourself and walk away from emotional exhaustion. 

Time to save your career and your life. 

Doors Reopen 01/01/24!

Built By a Nurse For Nurses

You can start supporting yourself with the same care and support that you give to your patients. 

Tools to start regulating your nervous system and stop living in fight or flight mode

Movement practices to support moving through your shift with emotional and physical safety 

Watch to hear nurses' experiences 

Image by Ani Kolleshi
Start to enjoy your work as a nurse again
Image by Akram Huseyn
Support yourself in real-time during difficult shifts
Image by Stacey Koenitz
Heal from trauma that is universal to nursing professionals
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Move Your mindset, Oxygenate your soul, and Live differently with us anywhere 

You don’t need anything additional to start.

Take our virtual tools with you to the call room, the break room, we’ll even duck into the clean utility room with you when you just need to take a minute.

On-demand movement classes, meditations, quick short talks on how to handle all you have to handle at work. Stream from phone, TV, or tablet.

Join Us 01/01/24
I want to scream to the world about how amazing MOOXLI is, but I also want to keep it all to myself. What Sarah and Joan have going here is not something to be missed.

Nicole, MOOXLI Retreat Attendee

Meet the teachers

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Joan Mudget

Joan Mudget will be your Yoga Guide on this journey and she comes to us with a unique blend of professional experiences that prepare her well for guiding high performing professionals.  Joan was an Executive in the Fashion Industry, a seemingly glamorous life filled with designer shoes and world travel.  However the job took its toll in stress and after 30 years, she found herself diagnosed with serious mental and physical health issues.  Joan took a much needed time out, reevaluated her goals and changed every single aspect of her life.  Joan attributes her recovery to her yoga practice which she has done as physical exercise for over 15 years and once fully retired from the Rag Trade, she dove into the softer side of yoga studying in India and becoming an Advanced Yoga Teacher.  She returned from India and opened a Yoga Studio in her home town of Fremont, Michigan and Branch Out Yoga was born.  The yoga studio was closed in 2020 due to the global pandemic and Joan now shares the gift of yoga with anyone who is willing to leave their comfort zone and get on their mat.  Joan is an experienced yoga teacher and Reiki Master with advanced certifications in Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Pranayama, and Meditation.


Sarah Bergakker

“Clinically qualified, but not emotionally equipped,” describes MOOXLI founder Sarah Bergakker, experience starting as an LPN in the emergency department at the age of 19. This theme continued as Sarah completed her bachelor’s in nursing and began work as an ER Trauma nurse, and then became a nurse anesthetist. After almost 20 years in healthcare, Sarah realized that she didn’t know what she was going to do differently but that her practices of perfectionism, numbing, and detaching from her emotional and physical self needed to change. ​Sarah started this work to discover if there was a way for her to continue to work in healthcare and find joy in her work. She is so thankful to have returned to the original passion of her calling in healthcare. ​Sarah will be sharing how self compassion and boundaries can effectively change our habits, change our lives, and ultimately support our own resilience.

Pre-shift workouts to set you up to have an emotionally supported shift

Mindfulness practices to help you unwind at the end of a long shift 

Post work practices to help you leave work at work

Movement and meditation to support restful and restorative sleep 

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