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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

To Live in the Present Moment is a Miracle

-Thich Nhat Hahn-

You know what becoming a CRNA solved for me--the fact that I wasn't a CRNA and that is it. It didn't fix my life and it didn't change my enduring vulnerabilities.

As a healthcare professional, one of your strengths is to set the goal of achieving a difficult thing that you desire and doing it. Turning that goal into a destination that will “Change everything once I’m there,” is very easy to do–especially when you are deep in the middle of the difficulty and challenge with little end in sight.

This can turn into Destination Addiction Syndrome. This is the belief that happiness is waiting at the finish line when you reach whatever goal, milestone, or status you put as a finish line for yourself.

It is easy to fall into this line of thinking. Your grueling education to achieve your degree in healthcare sets you up for this thinking. The training is so tough it becomes easy to get into the thought pattern of: “Once I graduate, once I pass boards, when I get that first paycheck–everything will change.”

Many of you are far enough past that finish line to know, this is not the case. But that does not keep your brain from trying to assign the same value and meaning to the next finish line you find for yourself.

You are not a broken thing, that until you arrive and are fixed, is unable to live fully alive.

This moment, this day, this life, these relationships in front of you are where it’s at.

May you be kind to yourself.

May you approach this life and this world with loving curiosity.

May you fully embrace the you and the life in front of you today.


Is there an additional skill, relationship, or degree you are currently considering adding to your life?

What is your motivation for wanting to do this?


If you read this and thought:"I don't even know where to start with being more present - - My Mind is always racing and I can't stop." You don't have to stay stuck--you can change your life.

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