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The Stress Cycle: What it is and why it matters for your mental health as a nurse




6 videos 10-20 minutes in length

About the Course

If you've ever wondered why you feel like you are fine after stuff happens at work but over time you find yourself getting more and more agitated, tearful, anxious, or generally stressed out this series has answers AND a solution just for you. Joan will explain, what the stress cycle is, why it is triggered so many times during the course of our day as a nurse, and how understanding it can change our lives and our minds to be happier and healthier. Sarah Bergakker, nurse anesthetist and MOOXLI founder uses the information shared in this course to support herself as she moves through her own clinical practice day and her life and you can too!

Your Instructor

Joan Mudget

Joan Mudget, MOOXLI COO, teaches this workshop and she comes to us with a unique blend of professional experiences that prepare her well for guiding high performing professionals. Joan was an Executive in the Fashion Industry, a seemingly glamorous life filled with designer shoes and world travel. However the job took its toll in stress and after 30 years, she found herself diagnosed with serious mental and physical health issues. Joan took a much needed time out, reevaluated her goals and changed every single aspect of her life. Joan attributes her recovery to her yoga practice which she has done as physical exercise for over 15 years and once fully retired from the Rag Trade, she dove into the softer side of yoga studying in India and becoming an Advanced Yoga Teacher.

Joan Mudget
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