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Leveraging Habits for an Empowered Life

Earn 20 CEs All While Stepping into Your Personal and Professional Power 

Join us for the MOOXLI winter 2024 retreat and go from a desire to change your life and unable to integrate habits that stick, to living into the life you’ve been dreaming about.


If you are a resident or student in healthcare or a registered nurse and would like to apply for a MOOXLI scholarship to attend this retreat, just click here


Before we ask you to commit, let’s make sure you understand who this retreat is for:


You have some things in your life that you want to change but feel stuck and are ready to step into an empowered life.  You want these things to be  a part of WHO YOU ARE!


You  move through life with a rhythm that reflects your values around rest, moving your body, and  feeding your body AND your soul


You want to take your current habits out of the driver’s seat and take over driving towards the life YOU create


You want to understand  research-proven approaches to giving up personal and professional emotional exhaustion for living an empowered life


You are a nurse and want to  take the same care of yourself that you do of others


You want to learn how Yoga can become part of the way you support yourself as a person and a professional

You should join us if you want to move from living a life that feels swept along by impulses to one grounded in understanding and nourishing yourself at the deepest level of your being. Let’s introduce you to who is guiding on this journey

irene-2 (1) copy.jpg

Irene Pace

Irene Pace has worked as a registered dietician in a major trauma hospital, just like so many of us, and can relate to the challenges we all face in healthcare. Irene will help you understand how you can be so smart and successful and still not follow through on how you want to live and who you want to be! Irene will help us understand how well-worn neuro pathways are a part of our current habits around healthy habits we want to embrace, food, and places we feel stuck. Irene will show us how we can change our brains, change our habits, and support our own resilience.


Sara Bergakker

“Clinically qualified, but not emotionally equipped,” describes MOOXLI founder Sarah Bergakker, experience starting as an LPN in the emergency department at the age of 19. This theme continued as Sarah completed her bachelor’s in nursing and began work as an ER Trauma nurse, and then became a nurse anesthetist. After almost 20 years in healthcare, Sarah realized that she didn’t know what she was going to do differently but that her practices of perfectionism, numbing, and detaching from her emotional and physical self needed to change. ​Sarah started this work to discover if there was a way for her to continue to work in healthcare and find joy in her work. She is so thankful to have returned to the original passion of her calling in healthcare. ​Sarah will be sharing how self compassion and boundaries can effectively change our habits, change our lives, and ultimately support our own resilience.

Joanmudgetheadshot copy.jpg

Joan Mudget

 Joan Mudget will guide you through daily movement, breathwork and meditation that supports the mind and body in making the shifts that will happen for you on this retreat.  Joan’s background in executive leadership, and her personal experience with burnout and addiction recovery, allow her to guide you through deeper introspection.  Joan will help you understand how yoga changed her life and guide you in incorporating these simple practices into your daily routine.

Mountain Ridge



The Setting:

MOOXLI takes your wild heart to wild places and this retreat we are heading to the wilds of the Urban jungle. MOOXLI bought out THE ENTIRE INN CAHOOTS BOUTIQUE HOTEL in Austin, Texas just for you!  You’ve asked for a MOOXLI retreat where you can fly-in, zip over to the venue in a quick uber ride, and spend the week enjoying all the city has to offer in food, art, music, and fun–we heard you and built this retreat just for YOU! But you may never want to leave “Our Hotel,” because you are too busy hanging out and enjoying the indoor-outdoors spaces, pool, rooftop deck, and the incredible group of humans you are about to meet. Everybody gets their very own bedroom in our very own hotel. 

Lodging rates are $297 per night which includes taxes! Retreat attendance requires 4 nights of lodging registration.

Upon confirming your retreat registration, you will be sent an email to book and pay for your lodging - lodging is not covered in the registration cost and is booked and paid separately to help with corporate expense reimbursement guidelines by for hospitals.  If you want to room close to your bestie, just let us know at

By the time your refreshed and recharged self boards the plane to fly back home you will have: 

Earned 20 CEs!

Learned in a supported community of your peers how to listen less to your inner critic and treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness that you give to your patients

Learned what changes you can make in your life on the daily to gain big momentum

Know exactly what you are going to do on the Monday after the retreat, how to handle the Sunday Scaries, and know you aren’t going back to real life, you are going back to YOUR life

Learned how to figure out what the heck you do want out of life and how to get it

Learned that you don’t have to be able to fold yourself into a pretzel to practice yoga and move your body in a way that supports you

"What Sarah Bergakker and her MOOXLI team have created is pure magic.  Sarah took her own experience, strength, and hope and not only shined a light on burnout in the healthcare profession, but she took it a step further and created MOOXLI."


Yoga Studio

What's Included

  • 20 CEs full of content to take you from emotionally exhausted to empowered to live the life you want

  • Celebration Dinner 7 pm Monday Night 

  • Breakfast each morning, Tuesday through Friday 

  • Lunch each day, Tuesday through Thursday 

  • Free time to go to the spa, explore the city, or take a much-needed nap on the first-class bedding

What's Not Included

  • Your lodging costs

  • Your transportation to and from the airport 

  • Dinner Tuesday night through the rest of the week

The Schedule

We've put together an amazing set of discussions, talks, practices, and activities for a truly life-changing experience.

  • What if I want to cancel or choose not to come?
    Ok, finding only the best bungalows in the jungles of Mexico, and taking your wild heart to the wilds of a historic lodge in Maine for a “once-in-a-lifetime quintessential New England in the fall experience,” are all such grand adventures darling. Let’s talk about the legal stuff that makes those adventures possible. Due to the nature of MOOXLI retreats, there are NO exceptions. You are making a commitment by purchasing. Full retreat registration (minus $600) is refundable up to 90 days prior to the retreat start. Cancellations must be made in writing to . Full retreat tuition is not transferable to another retreat.  Your retreat deposit is not refundable. Up to 90 days from the retreat start, you are able to transfer your retreat deposit to another retreat within the same calendar year as available space allows. Your retreat deposit and full retreat tuition are not transferable to another individual. Up to 90 prior to the retreat start, you are able to apply your lodging payment towards another retreat’s lodging within the same calendar year as space allows. Your lodging registration is not transferable to another individual. Lodging registration (minus the $50 administration fee) is refundable up to 90 days prior to the retreat start. Cancellations must be made in writing to  Less than 90 days prior to the retreat start, your retreat registration and lodging registration is non-refundable in the event that you would choose not to attend. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not provide a refund even if you are prevented from traveling to the retreat due to illness; travel logistics or cancellations; weather events; family events; changes in plans; or otherwise. We believe that, if you book a retreat with MOOXLI, you intend to join us. When reserving your retreat ticket through the $600 deposit you agree to pay the full AMOUNT remaining as billed to your credit card. These terms and conditions of sale are related to MOOXLI LLC Spring 2024 and Fall 2024 Retreat. Please see the full terms and conditions. By reserving your retreat ticket you are agreeing to our liability waiver. All of us in this community know firsthand the impact of COVID-19 and how the way in which it affects our lives changes from day to day. With each retreat, we will assess the reasonable processes we need to follow related to this reality. We recommend you purchase Airfare & Travel Insurance - We recommend or
  • Can I get CEs for attending this retreat?
    Yes! Mooxli is recognized as a provider of CEs by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (a nationally recognized certifier of nursing continuing education). The AANA is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation (ANCC). MOOXLI CEs meet ANCC criteria and are valid and applicable to any and all nursing license holders. The AANP has historically recognized with reciprocity CEs already certified by the AANA. If you provide your AANA# you will automatically be submitted for credits. Not a nurse? No Problem! Just contact your healthcare professional association about how to manually submit for CE approval using the MOOXLI syllabus/program! For instance, do you mean I get to go on retreat AND get CEs?! Yes, yes that's exactly what we mean!
  • What should I bring?
    In addition to your personal traveling essentials, here are a few recommended additions: Most importantly, bring an internal commitment to yourself—to breathe deeply, to view the world with an open, curious mind, and to rejuvenate. For movement and meditation classes, we recommend free-flowing, comfortable attire and you can wear this attire during the non-movement based workshops as well! MOOXLI will email you a more comprehensive suggested packing list closer to the retreat.
  • What if I’m new to yoga or meditation?
    No problem whatsoever. We all have to start somewhere and why not start here, in a safe place, where you can focus on your own needs? Our intention is to make all our sessions as approachable as possible. And if you prefer not to actively participate in yoga, we give you permission to lay on your mat in any position you are comfortable in and simply be present in your own body. Please follow the recommendations of your doctor when evaluating adding yoga to your exercise routine.
  • Are MOOXLI retreats only for women?
    No. This is a retreat built for the needs of all healers. All who are human and have breath are welcome here.
  • Is there a dress code?
    Athleisure / outdoor wear will be appropriate for all of our sessions including workshops. We recommend layers and breathable clothing that allows for easy movement. Wear what will keep you comfortable, connected and feeling your best.
  • Should I bring my children or my spouse?
    No. Our focus at this event will be to take time away with a community of fellow healthcare professionals and allow space and energy for introspection
  • My friend wants to come but only do the yoga. Is there a “yoga only” package?
    Due to limited space availability all retreat events are for registered attendees only. Anyone who registers is welcome to attend.
  • What if I have questions that aren’t answered on this page?
    Please ask us! Email us at, call or text (616)-259-5426, use the contact option at the top of this page, or the chat function in the lower left corner of the website.
Pilates Exercise


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