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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Who Should Apply -- Deadline for this application period is Friday, December 16th, 2022

  • If you are a nurse anesthesiologist resident who wants to be equipped with the tools to finish your training to harness the hard in all you are facing in your training you should apply for this scholarship at the bottom of this page

  • If you are a student in ANY medical training program who wants to learn now how to make resilience part of your personal and professional life, you should apply at the bottom of this page

  • If you are a registered nurse who does not receive continuing education reimbursement and want to attend a MOOXLI retreat, you should apply at the bottom of this page

Who we are

Mooxli is a continuing education retreat community that focuses on building true resilience for Nurse Anesthesiologists and all healthcare professionals. All of our retreats are certified for 20 Class A credits and are recognized for continuing education credit by the ANCC.

What we are doing

Here at Mooxli, we realize that if we are going to change healthcare culture the best way to start the shift is to connect with healthcare professionals, residents, and students so that you can start your career with the resources to be resilient, live a passion-filled life with clarity, and lead the change we all want to see.

We want to help elevate and teach the next generation of clinicians, leaders, and educators and send you out with tools so that you don't have to reach a crisis point, or that when you do you will feel equipped to navigate it.

Consistent with this mission, MOOXLI offers annual retreat scholarships funded by MOOXLI and the MOOXLI community. The scholarship will cover retreat tuition ($2150). Retreat tuition includes all meals while on retreat. Attendees will be responsible for their travel and all lodging expenses.

how it is changing lives

In 2022, MOOXLI, the MOOXLI community, and the Feathered Pipe Ranch Foundation supported 8 MOOXLI scholarship attendees in learning how to Move their Mindset, Oxygenate their souls, and Live differently. Here is what a few of the scholarship recipients had to say:

“I wanted to do well and be a whole person during my anesthesia residency and this has helped me recharge my soul.”

Tracie RRNA

“The retreat is truly a Gateway to knowing how to unlock and access Change and Power with Integrity, thereby influencing my daily personal and professional life.”

Deb, RN

“Many times in our field, we put our patients before ourselves, and this retreat/organization reminds us to have self-compassion and boundaries, and that we are not alone.”

Alexandra, RRNA

If you are not in need of a scholarship but know someone who is, hit the link icon at the bottom of this page and share this life-changing opportunity with them.

If you’ve been the recipient of a MOOXLI scholarship this is your chance to pay it forward. Maybe you have been wanting to attend a Mooxli retreat for a while but this year just isn't working out for you--help send someone in your place. Or, maybe you want to support teaching resilience to the next generation of clinicians, leaders, and educators---help send a deserving recipient on a MOOXLI retreat!

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