Daily Theme
ARRIVE- getting settled in the present moment setting intentions for self care
RECEIVE-opening the heart to receive and recognize our unique gifts
BREATHE-understanding our current patterns of breathing and how they effect us both personally and professionally
RELEASE-energy and how it is stored in the body's emotions
INTEGRATE - final closing and moving forward with practice
60 minute heart opening class. Facilitates us being more open to receive and more humbleness Joan Mudget YTT 200
60 minute class - Neck and Shoulders - Learn how unnecessary tension builds in the body and the long term effects. Simple techniques to increase flexibility and range of motion of the shoulders while protecting the neck and spine.
60 minute class - Bend and Squat - How to protect the neck and spine while bending, reaching, twisting. Safe techniques will be taught that can be used on the job to preserve energy, work with the breath and protect the body from repetitive motions
60 Minutes class Final group practice before conference end
Registration / Breakfast Provided
Breakfast Provided
Breakfast Provided
Keynote Resilience Workshop Part 1: The Roll of Purpose in Preventing Burnout and promoting Well-being Dr. Teresa Stephens PhD
Keynote Resilience Workshop Part 2: The Roll of Priorities (values, ethics) in Our Decision Making and Impact on Personal Well Being and Resilience Dr. Teresa Stephens PhD
Keynote Resilience Workshop Part 3: The Roll of Perspective and How to Develop an Informed Perspective to Increase Resilience Dr. Teresa Stephens PhD
Keynote Resilience Workshop Part 4: The Roll of Personal Responsibility and creating SMART goals to Increase Personal Resilience Dr. Teresa Stephens PhD
"The Genesis of Listening" Aly McLean CRNA
"Taking Care of Your Financial Health" Sam Simaan MBA, CFA
Your Money, Your Values, Do they tell the same story? Sarah Bergakker CRNA, Sam Simaan MBA, CFA
Panel Session: Integration of Wellness into daily personal and professional life All Facilitators Panel
Compassion fatigue and Self Compassion: Cause and Cure Sarah Bergakker CRNA
Breathwork Workshop for Stress and Tension Release at Work and Home Aly MCLean CRNA
Fierce Self Compassion Sarah Bergakker, CRNA
Daily Practical Breathwork Practice for Healthcare Providers: Taking Your Practice Home with You. Joan Mudget YYT 200
Maybe Timing is Everything: How time of day effects our ability and our decisions Sarah Bergakker CRNA
"Mindfulness for the Healthcare Provider" Aly McLean CRNA
Wholehearted Care of the Vulnerable Patient Aly Mclean CRNA
**Retreat Concludes**
Lunch Provided
Lunch Provided
Lunch Provided
Welcome gift bag pick up and registration. Have some preyoga snacks and meet the Mooxli team! Dinner Provided at 6:30
Dinner Served at 1830 day one only
Dinner Provided
Dinner Provided
Dinner Provided
Evening Welcome Fireside Hangout
90 minutes candlelight slow flow with extended savasana - mindful movements as a moving meditation. End of Day Restorative Practice for Healthcare Providers Joan Mudget YTT 200
Those We Carry - A guided meditation and releasing ceremony designed to help the caregiver process their own and secondary trauma associated. Skills include understanding the long-term health and work related effects of holding trauma. Joan Mudget YTT 200
Yoga Nidra for improving quality of sleep for healthcare providers Joan Mudget YTT 200