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Mon, Feb 13


EARN 6 CEs This course meets online, live

From Emotional Exhaustion to Professional Fulfillment: A guide to practicing self compassion as a nurse

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From Emotional Exhaustion to Professional Fulfillment: A guide to practicing self compassion as a nurse

Time & Location

Feb 13, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST

EARN 6 CEs This course meets online, live

About The Event


From Emotional Exhaustion to Professional Fulfillment: A guide to practicing self-compassion as a nurse

This step-by-step approach of learning about self-compassion from someone who is currently working and walking through the same challenges in healthcare that you are, will help you understand why you feel like running from a profession you once felt called to and will give you the tools to navigate a clear path forward to having your cup filled up by the work you do, rather than drained to complete and utter exhaustion.

Before I tell you more about the course, let's ensure you're a good fit:

You are a right fit for this course if you feel like you take care of everyone except yourself and would like to start caring for and supporting yourself with the same intensity and skill you bring to caring for others. And also if you: 

  • Want peace, calm, joy, and fulfillment in your work as a nurse but right now don't see a way forward to even stay in nursing
  • Are overwhelmed by compassion fatigue or emotional exhaustion and feel hopeless about what to do about it
  • Have just started working in nursing and are already looking for a way out and want to explore what that is about
  • Have been a nurse for a while now and used to really enjoy your work and now are just trying to survive it

By the end of the program, you will have. . .

  • Earned 6 CEs!
  • Learned in a supported community of your peers what compassion fatigue is and how it is only natural that you are suffering from it
  • Learned in a supported community of your peers what self-compassion is and why when practiced in its true form is the antidote to compassion fatigue
  • Learned how to respond to things like codes, patient deaths, and stressful events in a manner that is restorative and supportive rather than destructive and draining
  • Learned techniques validated by a large body of research and used by the course leader, Sarah Bergakker MSN, CRNA, when she is working in the operating room dealing with many of the same system challenges you face daily
  • Learned how to practice mindfulness on the go/when you are flying around the unit on a stressful day

But above ALL else you will learn how to listen to and support yourself and gain the tools to embark on a clear path forward for what is next for you professionally.

What MOOXLI clients have to say:

"What Sarah Bergakker and her MOOXLI team have created is pure magic.  Sarah took her own experience, strength, and hope and not only shined a light on burnout in the healthcare profession, but she took it a step further and created MOOXLI."

"Many times in our field, we put our patients before ourselves, and this organization reminds us to have self-compassion, boundaries, and that we are not alone."

"The words that come to mind when I reflect on my experience with Mooxli are beauty, nourish, space, peace, learning, intention, and inspiration."

Course Content:

WEEK 1: What is Self-Compassion?

  • A lot of terms are being thrown around these days about what nurses need to do/not do, to deal with work stress. Most of them aren't helpful or are not being shared in helpful ways. Let's start talking about what real self-compassion is and how it can change your life.

WEEK 2: Mindfulness: The first pillar of self-compassion

  • Gahhhh! The word mindfulness sent MOOXLI founder Sarah Bergakker running early in her nursing career–she thought it came with way too much woo-woo. Well, the truth is it is simple to do and comes with lots of science around why it works!

WEEK 3: Common Humanity: What is it? And why is it the third pillar of self-compassion?

  • Hmm, you may think this term sounds suspect and that NO ONE ELSE knows what you are going through. We are going to find out that our experience is a part of a greater and shared experience of our peers. We are NOT abnormal for feeling these feels and we are NOT ALONE!

WEEK 4: Kindness to self: The second Pillar of self-compassion

  • Sarah used to think that being kind to herself was a sign of weakness and not being "Tough enough to do this job." Little did she know that self-kindness was one of the things that would make it possible for her to keep doing this job in a healthy heart on fire way!

WEEK 5: Integration of Mindfulness, Kindness, and Common Humanity into your life

  • At MOOXLI we like to say, "If we can't live it, we are not interested. . ." One of our core values is giving you tools that you have confidence you can integrate into your daily life

WEEK 6: Continuing your own journey of self-compassion

  • You are having a common experience and also walking your own journey. We'll talk about what your path to filling your cup up and being set on fire by the work you are doing and the life you are living looks like!

This course meets online, live every Monday night for 6 weeks from 8pm-9pm est, starting 2/13/2023 and finishing 3/20/23

Questions you may have:

  • Do I already have to know about some of this stuff to do this course, most of these words are new to me?--MOOXLI is a come as you are, and we meet you where you are, kinda place. So you can just do exactly that!
  • Just reading this sounds like it could be life-changing, also, changing my life sounds scary and hard, is this going to be scary and hard? --If you check out the comments above from our community you can be assured that MOOXLI is a supportive and safe place for you to show up with yourself and be yourself. You don't have to do anything that you do not want to do.
  • Are you going to give me a bunch of homework, because I had enough of that in college? --Haha we all sure did, didn't we?! No busy work here. I will give you tools to try on for size and see what works for you in your life but you don't have to do anything if you don't want to. There will be no assigned reading/worksheets/prework/postwork, just a summary of weekly course content and a supporting research article or two for you to read if you are interested.
  • I have to work some of/all of these dates and times, will the meetings be recorded? -- Yes, each meeting will be recorded and shared privately with only course registrants via email.
  • How can I afford this? -- Darling, this course costs less than what you make in a 12-hour shift/spent on your last handbag or night out and may save your life. You can't afford NOT to do this.
  • What if I sign up and change my mind?--Course payment is fully refundable through cancellation in writing via email up to 7 calendar days after you register. The day you register is counted as one calendar day. Cancellation notice should be sent to 7 days post registration, your course registration fee becomes non-refundable. If you register less than 7 days from the course start date, after the course starts on February 13th, 2023 at 8pm est. your course registration fee becomes non-refundable. 
  • Is this the same content as on a MOOXLI retreat? -- Self-compassion is a central theme throughout all of MOOXLI. If you've been on retreat with us think of it as we've gone snorkeling together and are now jumping into some deep sea diving on self-compassion! 
  • Do I have to be a nurse to take this course? -- You do not! MOOXLI has therapists, teachers, lawyers, doctors. . .  you name it, in our community.  Our core value around community is, "MOOXLI is a place of sharing, supporting, and nurturing. A place for all human service professionals to rest and heal. All who are human and have breath are welcome here."
  • What “kind” of nursing CEs are these? Mooxli is recognized as a provider of CEs by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (a nationally recognized certifier of nursing continuing education). The AANA is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation (ANCC). Mooxli CEs meet ANCC criteria and are valid and applicable to any and all nursing license holders. For nurse anesthetists, if you provide your AANA# you will automatically be submitted for credits to the AANA. Not a nurse? No Problem! Just contact your healthcare professional association about how to manually submit for CE approval using the MOOXLI syllabus/program! For instance, the AANP has historically recognized with reciprocity CEs already certified by the AANA.
  • Do you mean I get to learn about self-compassion, change my life AND get CEs?! Yes, yes that's exactly what we mean!

If you're thinking all of this sounds great, but I'm still not 100% sure keep reading. . .You should give this course a try if you are ready to start getting back to who you were before you "became so jaded,” are willing to work hard to take care of and support YOU for a change, and are ready to take your life and energy back.

If you still have questions text MOOXLI founder and the leader of this course, Sarah Bergakker CRNA, MSN at (616) 259-5426 and she can answer your questions or set up a time to connect on a call.









    This course meets online, live every Monday night for 6 weeks from 8pm-9pm, starting 2/13/2023 and finishing 3/20/23






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